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First things first. I want to thank the No Parking Studios family . The amount of support you guys have been showing these past few months has been amazing. I prayed for this and I’m seeing it happen everyday, so thank you you guys. 

I made this website so I could have a space (like this blog) to get my thoughts out and talk directly to NOPS. Secondly, after I did the 10 shirts I wanted to make a space where you could shop directly. 
Honestly I’m not use to the amount of support I’ve been getting so my website was taking my last 27.99 , (we can afford the fees now lol)

Please sign up for the newsletter as well. With everything going on in this world. Let’s build a new community for the future thru art. 

 I will be back with an update about projects we got coming up as well.

thank you guys



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