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Get In Your Feelings Pt.1


its 1:26 am cst.  im in tulsa just trying to map out this never ending path of no parking studios. thinking about the next phase for us. 

i put a lot of thought into what i do. sometimes i fall short of my vision due to lack of resources. im steady trying to find a way to be better with what i have

when i came back from n.o. , i felt the like tulsa was turnt down. it was from a kind of negative standpoint. (thats the first time i felt like that about tulsa in along time).

but like after fila, the centinnial, and all the planning and emails. i was , to be honest,


i was driving home one night from the studio and i just got to thinking about 2020, the mansion and the choices i made. i began to shed happy tears (thats like the 2nd time this year)  but this time it was different. it was because.. like i bet on myself..

and i feel like i won.


This next phase I want to really grow. and become a better artist. thinking about music . i feel like im close to having a solid formula that serves my needs when it comes to the process. My next album, Planet Tulsa. i want to really take my own advice.

I'll upload my rollout notes soon. 

but yeah. i just want to really push nops outside of tulsa this next coming year. 

before i end this. i want to say. Tulsa really did make my dreams come true. seriously. so when i speak about expanding outside of here its not out of spite.

thanks to the nops community,

im living my dreams.

so i appreciate you guys. 


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