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Black 1

Black 1 is the first NFT project from No Parking Studios. I want to give some updates and more in depth information on exactly what this is and why i did it. I know a lot of people look at the price tag and think wow. thats high lol. 

I wanted to make something that really stood for something with my very first nft and this ground breaking technology. i look at 10-100 years from now. The first nft project from NOPS means a lot to me. 

I wanted to make something that meant something. This project is priced at 100 eth because i will invest 80% of it into other BLACK MALE business and artist. Being an artist myself I see how funding is the most important thing AT THIS CURRENT TIME. My community and peers have invested a lot of time ,love, and just will into what we do. I see artist daily give there all and some , and get paid LESS than the intern. 

I'm not cool with that. 

Black 1 will serve as decentralized fund that will go directly into the artist hands. no forms, no judges or politics. 

I will release the names of the recipients at a later date. 

I will say these people and entities have been on the ground doing the work for a decade plus. I know that an investment like this in them will directly benefit not just them , but the next generation as well.

Thats part of my frustration as well. So much funding and millions circulating in just this city disguised as progressive or for minorities, but somehow the money never reaches the hood. 

The hood is still the hood.

That could be for a number of reasons but it doesn't matter , the need matters and is still there.

By investing this money directly to those individuals , I know that real change can start to take place. 

if you have any questions about Black 1 please reach out to me via email. and if you believe in it please share it with a friend or colleague.

Thats all it takes to make this a reality. 

Black 1 -

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