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Get in Your Feelings Pt.3


It’s 9:02pm. Cam just fell asleep and I’m too lazy to get the remote and change from Mickey Mouse Roadsters so that’s what we on. 

get in your feelings part 3.

yea. So … Party Plane .

really my biggest accomplishment to date . Really feel like we reached the mountain top for this city and community with this song. It will transcend time and space . It will be here the next centennial. It feels good to know you will be remembered for your efforts. I keep saying i never thought it would be me. And while that feeling remains, I also feel the opposite , who else but me and Steph. It’s been more than I can ask for. I’m blessed fr.

that’s  the good. 

but I gotta speak on the community/city . I been trying to make a status , tweet , story , etc but something just wouldn’t let me put myself out there like that. Then I remembered that’s what this space is for. 

the amount of sideways compliments , downplay of the record , and just simply ignoring the shit is really unfortunate and honestly bitch shit. 
these are people that we(wcm) have helped directly and indirectly . It’s wild to see niggas hate on something so great. It wild to see niggas who been watching our journey for 15 years just like, be silent about this record. It’s real issue , like people don’t know how to congratulate you. Not strangers, brothers ,

Personally I’m not use to having haters. Scariest part is that they know everything about what you doing . This is worse . I think about Nipsey Hussle , and so many others that lost their lives to envy. I think about losing my life a lot . My biggest fear is leaving my woman and kids alone . This really has me ready to say fuck rap and just live like monk . I honestly just don’t get it. Especially when all you’ve done is just show love . 


I’m starting to feel like  this world constantly works on you EVERYDAY until your soulless, heartless, and saying fuck everybody except your mama.

that’s where I feel like I’m at. In que to lose my feelings. 

if I make it to be an old man , I know I’ll be ready to die. The world is too much. At 35 , it’s too much. Thank god for my wife and kids , like unconditional love.

im working on a new album . It won’t be nothing like the last . Shit the last just came out so don’t worry about the next one ..

ima go to bed . And hope tomorrow is the day we make it . 

goodnight .


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