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Get in Your Feelings Pt.2




its 2:32am .. im at the crib. about to go smoke this blunt . brb


so yea. Get in your feelings Pt2. 

how do i feel right now? 

foggy . seem like alot of things are moving.

this random but, i always think about being too creative. like not concentrating all my energy into a niche lane. 

this past week ive done new sweatshirts, pottery, and made some new pieces

but thats the thing, when i dive into product, i feel like the art suffers. 

its weird. 

but real. 

i need a night where i can get into a real groove artistically, because i feel like i havent been in that good space to create these past weeks. 

its a good feeling to know what needs to be corrected. ive been too product. 

heres what ima do.

first , clean up. throw away a bunch of old paint and cops some new supplies. all finished and unfinished work moved out. i feel like while im doing all of this im giving myself a good break to reset. its like taking a hiatus but not at the same time. so with the album dropping this week, i think this is the week to do it. 

ill be back on part 3 to let yall know how it went. 




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