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Sketchbook Audio (06/05/22)

Sketchbook Audio
so I don’t know where to start so ima just start.
Creating drawings and songs that just sit in the studio until you get the $ to correctly display those ideas are time consuming and creatively draining for me. 

Talking with Tyler about this. We came up with Sketchbook Audio (Audio Sketchbook , idk which one yet lol)
so what is Sketchbook Audio?
well it’s exactly that. A sketchbook in audio format.
While I work my next album 637 and more strategic releases, I want to stay inspired. I make a lot of songs that I like but I know they don’t fit the albums.
With this I will be releasing songs on my bandcamp first then all streaming platforms.
This I way I can just push out music the way i would like to.
Another element of this is that I will be releasing drawings/ BTS video that accompany the audio .
like a visual depection of it and vice versa.
This project will be available here at
So Page 1 drops on 06/05/22
Stay Tuned

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