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It’s 10:21pm

im at the crib just chilling watching some show on Netflix about a president. Idk what it’s called. 

The purpose of this blog is speak on some my latest pieces and just give a deeper dive into them.

i been thinking a lot about the cosmos and just the concept of death. I look at my son and I know he’s his own person but it’s like I copied myself and made a later version .

My daughter is whole other animal. A rose with thorns.

i feel like we are just so small.

like all of this shit is small.

only thing matter is your perspective and gratitude.

i look around and As an artist , I’m just in a weird space.

im currently making some of my best work and it’s evolving . I get so many ideas and it’s hard to harness them sometime.

these pieces are my doorway to transcend this current Art state.

it’s honestly boring asf and just not authentic.

the whole S.T. Thing is proof.

all that will be left after I’m gone is my perspective.

what mattered to me.

and today.

only thing that matters is taking care of my family and just being great.

But yeah, the cosmos, what’s out there,

what will my kids experience when I’m gone,

what will their life be like without me.

I think about how they will prolly see intergalactic travel.

I’m scared.

i want to really leave them perspective, guidance, assets, and a fucking map to something good for them.

How can I work on that now.

these pieces. 


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