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Ite 2:16pm 

I’m at Copaneazi’s 

wanted to just write some words about Paperworks 

yeah so.. I honestly just love making paintings. But sometime it doesn’t make any sense. I get lost in the making of them but not in the sale. Selling art is so strange to me. On one hand I completely forget to sell and on the other it just simply feels like it’s not a necessity .

I make a bunch of work and this is no different .

I feel like this is the rawest place to say something .

Expression . 
Everything has been feeling real strange lately .

I love to just look back on the seasons of my life and just get that Birds Eye view of these last few years.

Idk what this . I’m kind tipsy

But I love this shit.

I’ve been falling back in love with making music as well.

idk .  I just feel like I’m me . And I’m happy with that. 

need new outlets.

need new consumers 


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