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Hands Of Men and Friends In Low Places

good morning everyone .

i just wanted to give a quick back story on these two pieces . I think it’s important I stop in this moment and just explain my thought process behind these two works. Hopefully I can give some insight into other works you’ve seen or will see that look similiar.

ok so

these pieces are apart of a process I’m going though where I’m just going back through some of my old pieces and just giving them new life.

i went to my storage unit to drop off some of my pieces and as soon as I opened it I began to feel real anxious. (First time that has happened in a while actually) at the amount of work I’ve accumulated over these past few years

Instead of stressing over it , I immediately thought of just grabbing a few of the half done canvas’ and just add some more to it .

so with these two, I told myself I won’t move past them until I’ve made something I’m 1000% happy with.

Now we are here. 

I’ve been doing this new way of painting where I just immediately start putting paint on my canvas , I don’t worry about the start as much as I use to. I realize that if I get started and just add to it consistently (over a span of hours or weeks) eventually I’ll get an image I’m happy with . It’s become like a game for me. I paint a bunch of random shit , leave the house and go live, then come back and almost immediately see an image.

I also like to see what you guys see. Not to steal your idea but to just see how many different images are in this random array of colors.

Look for me to continue this on a much bigger scale as well.

im happy with where I’m at with my work.

these two pieces are available in my shop for purchase now so grab you one to enjoy.

love y’all.




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