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Don't Watch The Fire

Don't Watch The Fire

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Recently I had a friend pass away. He was young and full of life . Really had a heart of gold but just couldn't beat life. In my city and community I'm seeing people who , when they were younger, had so much potential and just get on drugs. Some are strung out on the streets and some like bro passing away from OD. 

It’s important to note that he was on a path of being sober and we could really see bro turning into who he was suppose to be.

 I use to tell him he didn’t have anything to prove. He survived one of the worse eras in Tulsa . 

I hope with my work I can speak to some of these situations and just inspire the next generation to take a different route.

Don't watch the fire.

If you know someone on this path try to help them and just show them a more positive route. 

I honestly know in my heart I tried to help bro but it wasn't enough. I'll continue to try in your honor bro.

much love. 

100% of this sale will be donated to his family and legacy. 

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